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*because in 3 years of trying we haven’t had a chance to update our own website as we’ve been too busy designing for others. we’re sorry.

The only bits that really matter


Our Manifesto

  • aim to delight
  • make a difference
  • push the boundaries
  • do something, not nothing
  • understand why it matters to the client
  • understand why it matters to the audience
  • all people matter – including our team
  • question why
  • don’t settle
  • make mistakes
  • make stuff better

How it came to pass
Born in 1999, Wow Creative’s main purpose was simply, to make stuff better. That includes the way we work, the designs we do, how we treat our staff, how we work with clients – bring creativity into everything we do and not just our designs. 20 years on and we’re still doing it.



Registered address: 10 Annery Kiln, Weare Giffard, Bideford, Devon EX39 5JE
Registered in England, registration number 06435333 | VAT Number 718 0838 26
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