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Websites have moved on – your organisation needs to as well.

6 reasons why you need a
responsive website

A huge change in visitor behaviour

Over half of web searches are now carried out on mobile phones and tablets. That’s a massive change in visitor behaviour. If your site is not responsive it won’t display as well on these devices, research has shown that you have 4 seconds to catch your customers attention before they leave your site and look elsewhere. making sure it looks good on their device is imperative to your website success.

Easy to keep up to date

One version of your website will work on all devices. There is no need to have a separate website for mobile phones, as was popular in the past. This also helps when making changes as you only need to amend one website. A single responsive site keeps your look and feel consistent across all devices.

E-commerce at your fingertips 24/7

Online shopping on mobiles is increasing and users often prefer to use their phones and tablets to make purchases rather than start up their computers or wait until they get home. If your website doesn’t work on a small screen you could lose the sale.

Getting social

Social media increases visitors. The interactivity between apps on tablets and phones makes surfing easier. A lot of social media users do so on their phones and will often click through to external websites.

Get Google on side

Google now recommends a responsive website so if you have one it will perform better in searches. The behemoth search engine publicised their plans to rank mobile friendly sites more positively as from April last year. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google Search results.

Preparing for the future

Although there’s no guarantee how technology will advance, there’s more chance that your responsive site will be better equipped to deal with new devices (e.g. smart watches) as they come out. No matter where technology leads, an alarming figure is that 21% of mobile users never actually use a computer! Without a responsive site those users may only see a poor reflection of your business.



A responsive website doesn't need to break the bank, it also doesn't need to be a compromise. We offer three levels of responsive website to suit every budget and all sizes of organisation. We also can provide the option to pay in instalments so you can spread the cost whilst you enjoy the benefits of your site.


The perfect starter website for small businesses. You get the essential requirements for your web presence across all devices.


For SME's that need a more comprehensive solution, extra pages and layout templates. Plus options to add bolt-ons such as galleries.


Add further page templates, a gallery as standard, various e-commerce options and ongoing support. Fully editable and fully adaptable.

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