Websites have moved on – your organisation needs to as well.

A responsive website displayed on different devices
A responsive website displayed on different devices


As technology improves, the range of screen sizes that people use to view the Internet is increasing all the time, from smart phones to tablets, right through to large, widescreen monitors. It means building a website at one screen size isn’t practical anymore, so instead, companies are adopting what’s called ‘responsive websites’.

A responsive website is one which detects the screen size a user is viewing from and adapts the layout of the site to best suit it. This means it will automatically change its layout to fit that screen size. Shuffling the content to make it easier to view.

There are even more advanced benefits to a responsive website, (although these aren’t always used) such as detecting a users behaviour or connection speed – ensuring the site responds to the needs and environment of the individual visitor to enrich the user experience.

In a report published last year, mobile internet usage was up by 394% and tablet use up by 1721% between 2010 and 2014, a massive change in the way we visit company websites. So the question is, can your business afford to ignore the need for a responsive site?


A responsive website doesn't need to break the bank, it also doesn't need to be a compromise. We offer three levels of responsive website to suit every budget and all sizes of organisation. We also can provide the option to pay in instalments so you can spread the cost whilst you enjoy the benefits of your site.


The perfect starter website for small businesses. You get the essential requirements for your web presence across all devices.


For SME's that need a more comprehensive solution, extra pages and layout templates. Plus options to add bolt-ons such as galleries.


Add further page templates, a gallery as standard, various e-commerce options and ongoing support. Fully editable and fully adaptable.

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